How long does a cleaning take?
House cleaning times vary depending on the size and condition of the home. Most general recurring cleanings take no longer than a few hours, while deeper cleans and specialty cleans will take longer.
What should I do before my house cleaning service?

Generally, you do not have to do anything before your cleaning service, but it is a good idea to pick up and declutter your home in preparation. It is helpful for you to pick up toys and clothing.

What services do you offer?
We offer general cleaning, deluxe cleaning, laundry and light cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning and commercial cleaning services.
Do you always send the same team?
We schedule our teams based on availability. If you would like the same team each time, please let us know beforehand.
Do I provide cleaning supplies or equipment?
We ask that every client please provide the items below on the scheduled day of cleaning (Note: We never use a toilet brush from one home to another. This prevents cross contamination):

• Toilet Brush
• Pumice Stone
• Garbage Bags
• Paper Towels
• Step Ladder
• Vacuum Cleaner (optional)

Can I provide special instructions for my team?
Yes, you can provide special instructions that will be accommodated if they fall within the scope of our cleaning services.
Do I have to be home when you clean?
No. Our team can clean your home when you are away, so that you can come back to a beautiful and cleaner home. We will, however, need access to the home. You can provide a key, hide a key or provide a door code.
How do I pay for your services?
We accept most major credit cards.
We also offer our Client Portal as a self-payment option for your convenience.
How do I give feedback to Cinderella Cleaners?

Reach out to our team at (520) 777-8977 with any feedback.

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