3 Simple Steps to Involve Your Kids In Cleaning

by | Jul 19, 2021

Have you ever struggled to keep your house clean with kids? For many parents, it’s a daily battle, especially as we go through the summer months when children spend more time at home.


Rather than ignoring the problem and just doing the cleaning yourself, how about looking at things a different way? We recommend learning how to include your kids in cleaning – this saves YOU work and helps teach THEM valuable skills they can use for life. Let’s take a look at 3 simple ways you can involve them in the cleaning process.


#1: Equip them with their own cleaning supplies.

Kids LOVE to have their own things, especially if they have siblings they’re normally forced to share with. Why not set them up with their own bucket of cleaning supplies? You might be surprised to see them taking more ownership of their bedroom or play space and its status of being clean vs. dirty.


Of course, you don’t want to give them their own container of bleach. But, you can give them a spray bottle filled with your own DIY window cleaning solution or child-safe cleaner. A clean rag, soap, and scrub brush are also handy items to include in their cleaning kit.


#2: Involve your kids in cleaning by showing them first.

Most kids are very good visual learners. That means, if they watch a video or see someone doing something, they can mimic the action and do it themselves. Rather than nagging at your kids and telling them what to do, work with them and show them.


When you show vs. tell, you’ll help your kids understand the process more quickly. And, you’ll be there to help them troubleshoot any issues that come up. Working together is a great opportunity to make the job fun, teach your children a proper work ethic, and spend some quality time together.


#3: Teach them healthy cleaning habits.

When you involve your kids in cleaning, you have the opportunity to help them establish healthy habits. These will help YOU now, but help THEM throughout the rest of their lives. Things like:


  • Making their bed
  • Putting toys away when not in use
  • Bringing their dirty laundry to the laundry room
  • Putting away their clean laundry so it doesn’t get dirty again
  • Organizational skills to keep things neat and tidy


What if you use the services of a professional cleaner?

If you already have or want to hire a professional cleaning company to do your weekly cleaning, you might think you (and your kids) are off the hook. Not so.


If you learn how to declutter your home, and you teach your children great cleaning skills, you could actually save money on your professional cleaning services. How? Simply by making it easier for the pros to clean. If they don’t have to pick up laundry or put away toys in order to vacuum, for example, they can spend less overall time at your home and more time on cleaning.


Don’t have a professional cleaner on speed dial yet? Contact us today for a FREE quote. We have over a decade of experience cleaning homes and businesses throughout the Tucson area and we’d love to invite YOU to become part of the Cinderella Cleaners family!


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