COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures to Keep You Safe

by | Feb 3, 2021

To clean or not to clean … that is the question many people asked at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, cleaning is important, but is it worth the additional potential risk of exposure to hire a professional cleaning company to do the job? We believe the answer is ‘yes’. That is, as long as you choose a company that is following proper COVID-19 cleaning procedures.


We follow these COVID-19 cleaning procedures

At Cinderella Cleaners, we know how important a clean home or office is to your everyday life. But, we also know that safety is a concern, especially since the emergence of the novel coronavirus in 2020. That’s why our staff is fully trained in CDC guidelines and follows these COVID-19 cleaning procedures:


  • Personal protective equipment – Our professional cleaners wear CDC-approved face masks or coverings, along with disposable gloves, at every visit. This offers protection for both our staff and clients.
  • Disinfect cleaning supplies – We transport cleaning supplies between each of our clients’ locations. Since we know that we could be inadvertently carrying germs by doing so, we disinfect all cleaning supplies between visits.
  • Hand washing – Before entering your home or office, our staff uses hand sanitizer. Then, they wash their hands at the beginning of the visit and as needed throughout the cleaning session, along with changing gloves as necessary.
  • Sanitization – High touch areas, like doorknobs, drawer pulls, and light switches are prime candidates for harboring unwanted germs. Our thorough cleaning and sanitization of these areas helps eliminate germ buildup and improves safety.


What can YOU do to help our professional cleaners?

The mission to achieve a sparkling clean home or office has always been a group effort. But, it’s even more so now that we’re also fighting a virus in addition to dust bunnies! Here’s how you can help our expert cleaners do their job efficiently:


  • Clean up the clutter – It’s never fun to clean around clutter, and it takes significantly more time to do so. Declutter your home or office, and keep it that way, so surfaces can be adequately cleaned and disinfected. Even though our staff is following CDC cleaning guidelines, it still makes sense to limit how much of your things they have to touch during a cleaning visit.
  • Practice social distancing – Whenever possible, you can limit your person-to-person exposure by not being at home or in the office while our cleaning staff is working. If you must be there, it may be helpful to arrange to be in another area while our cleaners are at work.
  • Wear a mask or face covering – If you need to be around while your home or office is being cleaned, it’s okay. But, protect yourself and our staff by wearing a mask or face covering.


Sparkling results CAN be yours!

At Cinderella Cleaners, we aim to provide the best cleaning services in Tucson and surrounding areas. We do that by following consistent cleaning schedules with a fully trained staff who use proven cleaning protocols that WORK!


Whether you’re looking for COVID-19 cleaning procedures that can keep you and your family or employees safe during the pandemic, or you want long term cleaning services, we are here to help. Simply contact ustoday for a free quote and be on your way to a sparkling clean home or office.

Cinderella Cleaners are your trusted home and commercial cleaning experts in Tucson and surrounding areas.

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