How to Keep Your House Clean With Kids

by | May 28, 2021

Having children can be one of life’s greatest pleasures … that is, if you can get past the extra work they often create for you! Whether it’s trying to keep your house clean or simply taking a trip to the store with them, having a child or two (or more!) can certainly make things more interesting.

While we’re not childcare experts, we are cleaning experts. So, we can’t tell you the best books to read to your child or how you should discipline them. But, we can offer some useful tips on how to keep your house clean even with the little rascals running around.


5 Ways to Easily Keep Your House Clean Even With Children

Instead of always being frustrated at the mess they create, how about learning some ways that kids can actually help your house cleaning efforts? Kids or no kids, it’ll be easier to keep your house clean if you take these tips to heart:


  1. Start by decluttering your entire home. In case you haven’t noticed, clutter attracts more clutter. To start, read our blog How to Declutter Your Home in 6 Easy Steps. Once you’ve gotten rid of unwanted ‘junk’, you’ll have more space for what you truly want and need to keep. You’ll still have to declutter periodically, but having one big hoe-out can give you the kickstart you need for a clean home.
  2. Return everything to its proper place. If you’ve done a good job with decluttering, everything that’s left will have a place where it is meant to ‘live’. Make sure those places make sense and then teach your children where each object goes. Even if things get a little messy throughout the day, it’ll be okay in the long run because everything can get neatly tucked away in its ‘home’ in the evening.
  3. Keep organizational items within your child’s reach. Everything having a place and your child knowing where that is won’t do much good if your child can’t reach those places. Make sure the shelves, bins, or other cubbies you utilize for toy storage are easily accessible to children. If they can easily get things out, they’ll be able to easily put them away.
  4. Keep surfaces clutter free. As we already mentioned, clutter seems to multiply. If you keep visible surfaces clear from clutter, your child will be more likely to do the same. Plus, it’ll be much easier to wash and disinfect those surfaces, too.
  5. Create a cleaning schedule. You may choose to tackle cleaning chores one day a week. Or, perhaps you have a routine where a particular room gets cleaned on a specific day. Either way, having a regular cleaning schedule is a great way to make sure things get tidied up before they become too big of a mess. It’s also a great habit to get into if you have a professional cleaning company do weekly or bi-weekly cleanings. They’ll appreciate your efforts if the decluttering is all done before they arrive!


Everyday and Deep Cleaning Made Easy

Being a parent is a difficult job all on its own. Add that to trying to keep your house clean and some days, it might seem downright impossible. Or, it might take all the energy you’ve got, leaving you completely exhausted at the end of the day.


At Cinderella Cleaners, we’re happy to take some cleaning chores off your hands. We offer a variety of services to match your household needs and budget including both general and deluxe cleaning.

Sure, it’s a good idea to still teach your children some cleaning responsibilities. But, if you’d like to have more energy left at the end of the day AND a clean home, just contact us today to see how we can help. We’re happy to give your home that sparkling clean so YOU can get back to spending valuable time with your children!

Cinderella Cleaners are your trusted home and commercial cleaning experts in Tucson and surrounding areas.

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