How To Get Rid Of Funky Smells In Your Home

by | Oct 1, 2021

One of the benefits of a clean home is that fresh air smell you get when it’s sparkling clean. You know, how it smells when you’ve just mopped the floor, dusted the furniture, or washed the windows. But, when funky smells show up, it doesn’t take long for that fresh air smell to completely vanish!

Perhaps you’ve discovered funky smells coming from things like an old gym sock under the bed. What about that package from last night’s chicken in the trash? These are easily removed from your house or cleaned, taking care of the bad odor.

But, what happens when the nasty odor is coming from something more permanent, such as your washing machine? Here are some helpful tips for getting rid of those types of odors.


6 Tips For Banishing Funky Smells From Your Household

First, you must track down where the funky smells are coming from. Then, follow these cleaning tips to solve the problem …

#1: Cat litter or compost smells – Yes, taking the food garbage to your outdoor compost or dumping the cat litter box can help with the smell. But, you might not want or be able to do this every day. If you want the odor gone, try setting activated charcoal nearby. Its porous nature allows it to easily absorb odors.

#2: Dishwasher odors – Even with daily use, it doesn’t take long for dishwashers to sport some funky smells of their own. That’s usually because of food scraps getting stuck in small crevices and rotting or molding. To get rid of unpleasant odors, thoroughly clean the sprayer arm and any holes where debris could be lingering. Then, run the dishwasher through a regular cycle with only a cup filled with white vinegar in the top rack.

#3: Funky smells from the washing machine – Since they’re used frequently and constantly wet, it’s easy for washing machines to accumulate mold or mildew, especially if they are front loading. Clean the door seal of a front loader with bleach, or with any machine, run it empty on a hot water cycle with 2 cups of bleach inside.

#4: Smelly refrigerators –  It’s a good idea to periodically empty your fridge and do a thorough clean. In between times, bits of food can linger on shelves, in the drawers, or find their way into other crevices. Keep unpleasant odors at bay by placing an open box of baking soda inside and change it out once a year.

#5: Grungy garbage disposals – It should be no surprise that garbage disposals are a common source for funky smells. After all, they’re used for garbage! Eliminate bad odors here by using the power of citrus – periodically run chunks of lemon through the disposal to keep odors and bacteria at bay.

#6: Food smells in the kitchen – Food smells in the kitchen are common, especially if you’ve had baking mishaps or you frequently fry meals. Odors get trapped in the room and build up over time. Choose our deluxe cleaning services and we’ll hand wash your cabinets, stovetop, countertops, inside the microwave, and more to banish those bad odors and leave you with a fresh, clean kitchen.


How to Get a Sparkling Clean Home

Getting your home clean and keeping it that way might seem like a lot of work. That’s because it is! That’s also why hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job is truly in your best interest.

At Cinderella Cleaners, we’ve been helping homeowners throughout the Tucson area enjoy sparkling clean homes for over a decade. From getting rid of funky smells to general cleaning and more, we have a variety of cleaning services to meet your needs. Simply contact us today and get your FREE quote!

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